May 27, 2010

Fundraising Fever

With just a little more than four months to go until the Philadelphia 3-day, I’m happy to report that I’ve raised one-third of my $2,300 fundraising goal. Can I get a woo-hoo?!

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride, but I’m all strapped in for the long haul. My very first donation came (thanks to the facebook widget) from my Aunt Donna in Woodbridge, VA. She gave a generous $100, which really got me going. Instead of sending out letters to other friends and family right away, I started knocking on doors of local business. While explaining the 3-day to the lady at the front desk of my gym, a total stranger overheard me and put $10 cash in my hand right away. It was a pretty humbling experience. I think it’s hard to describe the feelings you get from pure kindness, but needless to say, I was on a high after leaving the gym that day.

Then I hit a little bit of a low. The melanoma surgery got me down. Fundraising ideas were spinning around in my head. I was reading all sorts of 3-day blogs about what my other walker "friends" were doing and I was stuck on the couch with the foot propped up. But I kept my chin up and made some plans. As I suspected, things slowly started to turn around again as more friends and family showed their support with donations.

Mom does have a PINK t-shirt on under that jacket.. it was just a chilly morning. ;-)

Mom and I raised about $400 with our garage and bake sales last weekend. Maybe not as much as I would have hoped, but every little bit helps, right? We had donuts and coffee donated to sell and we baked brownies, rice krispies treats (which were a big hit) and cookies. We also sold raffle tickets for a basket of goodies and donated gift cards. It was fun to spend time together. We learned a few things about what to do and not to do next time and we even brainstormed a few more ideas.

$1,560 to go! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!