April 10, 2010

Show Me the Money

Hello, my name is hobbles. Well, that's been my nickname for this last week anyway. A week ago, I went back to my dermatologist for a 90-minute "surgery" to remove some early-detected melanoma. 12 stitches later and after lots of limping around, I'm ready to have my old self back. These beautiful blue-sky days would be perfect for some long training walks, but doctors orders are to rest until the stitches come out (in 6 more days!).

Last weekend after my procedure, we took a car tour around D.C to see the Cherry Blossoms.
Do you know how much you take for granted the ability to walk?!

Because training is on the back burner, I've been trying to focus on fundraising. I have a handful of ideas flying around in my head, and have made *some* progress. Really though, I need to kick it up a notch. I'm a first-timer, so any tips or suggestions from you experienced 3-day'ers would be warmly welcomed! Here's what I've been thinkin......

Personal Donation Page - I've updated my fundraising page and added the Facebook widget. Now it's time to send personalized e-mails to friends and family.  

May 22 Garage Sale - I'm going to put up lots of pink balloons to help get attention and make a poster or banner that advertises all proceeds will go to the Susan G. Koman 3-day for the Cure. I'll put flyers around my community, too.

Local Businesses - I've gone to a few businesses already to ask for donations, and although I haven't had much luck getting money, Total Body Fitness in Lansdale has donated a 3-month membership and others are offering the same kind of "donations." What do you think about raffling these off at the garage sale?

Memorial Day Weekend - One idea I got at the Getting Started Meeting was to sit outside of a Wine & Spirits shop or beer distributor on this popular holiday weekend to ask for donations. I've been calling around, but haven't had much luck in securing a spot. Lansdale Meats & Deli agreed to the idea though, and that place does get a lot of traffic! So, we'll see...

Tastefully Simple - I don't know about you, but I love these products (especially their beer bread). I got the idea from the 3-day message boards to ask a consultant to host an online party and then donate the proceeds. Sounds yummy to me!

Girls Night Out - Thanks to Leanne...the walker, I'm excited to plan a girls night out to help raise funds. I'm thinking Baltimore or New Hope. Lovely lady friends of mine, if you're out there reading... get ready!

Phew! That's it for now. Thoughts? Suggestions? I have a long ways to go... $2,190 to be exact. But with a little help and lots of determination, I know I can get there. I'll keep ya posted on my success and if you want to help, please consider donating and be sure to spread the word. xoxo


  1. Be sure to advertise your garage sale on Craigslist! There's a huge section listing local garage sales, so that will definitely increase your traffic.

  2. I would say keep soliciting auction items and then team them up with a bake sale or even a backyard bbq. I am holding a benefit for my walk team that's doubling as a party to celebrate my 5-year anniversary and that's where we will auction off the items. We are charging an admission and then also selling raffle tickets. Doing it with a garage sale would be fine but you might even raise more money if you could run a small event geared toward the event (or is the garage sale for the Walk also? That might have gone right over my head!).