June 7, 2010

A Whole Lotta Feel Good

I decided to sign up for the Susan G. Komen 3-day for the Cure for a few reasons. The biggest reason is that I wanted to do my part to help find a cure, because I can't just sit back and hope for it (sadly, life doesn't afford us that kind of time).

But as I continue on my first 3-day journey, I realize how many more benefits there are to being a part of this bold event. None really compare to the biggie (raising funds and awareness to find a cure), but I can't help but to mention them.

Helping Others - How can you not feel good about doing something for someone else out of the own kindness of your heart? I personally haven't lost anyone to breast cancer, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to support those who are fighting the disease, those who have survived, or those who have lost their battle.

Getting Active - Training to walk 60 miles in three days is intense and takes months of dedication. I credit the 3-day for helping me get back on track with good nutrition and exercise. And I have to tell you, I feel great!

Making Great Memories - My amazing Mom is walking with me and in just one month, we've made some pretty priceless 3-day memories together. This weekend, we got decked out in pink with our Xtra Mile teammates for the 92.5 XTU Anniversary Show where we sold sling bags and raffle tickets for backstage passes to raise money for the walk.   

Mom and me doing our thing!

Seeing More of My Community - I'm still fairly new to the Philly suburbs and I've found that getting out for long training walks has led me to some pretty cool places I might not have visited otherwise. I really enjoy the mostly flat and scenic 6-mile loop at Peace Valley Park in Doylestown, PA. Last weekend, I went on the hilly 5-mile trail at Valley Forge National Park. Who knew there was so much beauty and history in my back yard?!

Here I am at Valley Forge practicing the "muscle" pose for my picture after crossing the 60-mile finish line! 

Meeting New Friends - I'm still kinda new to my community, I work from home and don't have any kids or pets. So, meeting new friends can sometimes be tricky. But not when you're a part of the 3-day! I joined a training walk yesterday and met a handful of new friends who I know I'll see again. It's also nice to have virtual, online friends who are there for you when you have a question or need that extra little bit of encouragement.

Learning Something New - If it weren't for the 3-day, I wouldn't have started this blog. Learning how to blog isn't rocket science exactly, but it's now another skill I have under my belt. I'm also using the 3-day as a way to learn more about other social media tools like Twitter and Facebook.

I praise the Komen foundation for creating an event that not only raises millions of dollars to help find a cure, but that gives so much more--a sense of hope, a chance to make a difference, a means to set and achieve personal goals, a reminder to be greatful, lots of inspiration.... I could go on and on, but I think you got me! :)

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  1. What a great post! The journey to the 3-Day is defiantly and amazing one. Do you plan on going to the expo at the end of July?