June 14, 2010

60 Miles is FAR!

As I start to increase my training miles, I'm realizing that 60 miles is a whole lot further than you think. After the 3-day, I will have finished close to two and a half marathons. I'll have walked the length of a football field 1,056 times. 60 miles is walking 3 miles an hour for nearly 24 hours. Planes usually fly at about 30,000 feet... 60 miles would be flying 316,800 feet in the air. It's slowly starting to sink in that this is a LONG walk and my body is going to be very tired. That's why I'm staying on top of my training.

This weekend we spontaneously packed our bags and headed to Penn State. It was a fun, unexpected trip. Some 40,000 students go to PSU, so you can imagine how big their campus is. The hubs and I went for a two and half hour walk around campus stopping only for water, stretching, bathroom breaks and of course photos with our favorite icons--the nittany lion (above) and Joe Pa (below)!

It was the first time I did 6 and 7 mile back-to-back walks. I feel really good. I haven't had any troubles with blisters or sore muscles. I can tell when I hit that 6th mile though... all the sudden my feet really start to feel it. I'm hoping that will get better as I get used to the longer distances. I rested today, but will do 3 miles tomorrow, some cross-training Wednesday and a long 6-mile walk on Thursday.

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