May 23, 2010

It's A Small World After All

I've gotta say... after spending the last two weeks thousands of miles away from home, I realized that our world isn't as big or different as it sometimes feels. We may speak different languages, eat different foods or practice different traditions, but the look of sadness, the feeling of appreciation or the sound of happiness is just the same.


Although we spent a lot of time in planes, trains and automobiles (and taking "jump" photos), I think we may have spent even more time walking, which was great training for the 3-day. There were times when I just wanted to sit down and rest, but then I'd think about those 60 miles in three days and all the sudden, my minor aches and pains from being on my feet most of the day didn't seem so bad.

On the beach in Barcelona!

Mom and I had a big fundraising weekend - our garage sale was yesterday and bake sale today. We also managed to get a long two-hour training walk in together. I'll share more details and a few photos soon. But for now, it's time to enjoy the little bit of weekend that's left.  

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